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Snow Sports in Japan

11 million active population

65% male, 35% female

73% under age 40

average 3.9 days per season

In Japan, ski & snowboarding are the most popular activities of age under 30, ruled by group conform behaviour.

In a perfect snow covered virgin environment with no mass media contact, iSKI Japan media ensures a captive audience all day long. Contrary to the media overload and distortion in Japanese cities, your brand colours will be distinctly exposed on the beautiful slopes. Brand communication in a leisure ambiente will be experienced by an audience that is extremely receptive. Moreover, validated high recall rates reflect the creation of strong brand emotions.

Creating brand awareness

Generating attention for the brand in ski resorts is easily achieved due to strong, repetitive exposure (in contrast to everyday urban life where the consumer is overloaded with a myriad of commercial messages).

Creating brand experience

All day long exposure and added recreational value thru brand promotion activities provide a strong momentum for a memorable experience. Moreover, this experience becomes sustainable as it is made in a most desirable state of mind.

Creating brand loyalty

Active performance and achievements on the slopes accompanied by the brand increases the mutual synergies between the audience and the brand - your brand becomes an inseparable part of the winter passion. Whenever and wherever seen or heard again, the brand will incite positive emotions. Brand loyalty created among active skiers & snowboarders will remain strong as long as they are devoted to the sport – and will not be easily displaced by competing brands.

iSKI Japan Resorts

Shiga Kogen
Oze Iwakura
Hakuba Valley
Hakuba Goryu
Nozawa Onsen
Zao Onsen