Data Efficiency

It goes without saying, "reach" and "impact" of our OOH is second to none. Moreover, it moves the hearts of the target audience. Brand communication that moves the hearts of a random audience is an irreplaceable asset. Providing your brand maximum exposure in a winter leisure environment, and fusing it with the winter sports passion that customers love, the brand's presence will become ubiquitous. As a result, when you come into contact with the brand in other places (in the city, on TV, etc.), it will be noticed and emotionalize immediately.

Brand effect beyond the boundaries of the ski area. While Japanese consumer behaviour is dictated by group conformity from an early age, this subconsciously strongly urges their strong desire for individual identity in their daily lives. Brands support their pursuit of personal identity. True identity can be built on the sense of accomplishment gained in active sports, such as ski sports. Therefore, brands experienced in ski sports will surely reflect the identity of the consumer, and will lead to consumer behavior beyond the boundaries of ski resorts.

Very high-performance indicators (KPIs) prove that brand communication in ski resorts is highly efficient. Past visitor follow-ups have reiterated this:

  • Brand recall rate: 95% and higher. Unprompted recall rate: 70%
  • The brand perceived more positively: 80% and more
  • Perception of those usually buying competing brands, come to feel more favorable: 80% and more
  • Recall rate after 2-3 months of experiencing the brand at the ski resort: 60% or more
  • Frequency of purchase after sampling at ski resorts:
    – Once or more = 70% and more
    – Several times = 40% and more
    – Frequently = 10% and more
  • Customers of competing brands purchasing the brand more than once after sampling: 75% and more
  • While experiencing brands in a normal environment those who associate winter sports when they see the brand: Occasionally = 40%. Every time = 20%